ABC Award

The ABC Award is aimed at recognising a researcher, physician, nurse or patient advocate who has made an outstanding and impacting contribution in the field of advanced breast cancer throughout his/her career.

  The first ABC Award - in recognition of his work on discovering fundamental, clinically-relevant biological and molecular mechanisms for metastases including site specificity, latency, self-seeding and the role of the microenvironment in colonization and drug resistance - was assigned to Joan Massagué.
   The second ABC Award - in recognition for his work on metastatic breast cancer, especially improving the management of metastatic cancer to bone, resulting in preservation and improvement in quality of life of patients worldwide - was assigned to Robert E. Coleman.

For the third ABC Award, nominations will be assessed.

Nomination process:

• The nominee must not have already received the ABC Award;
• The award recipient will be chosen on the basis of his/her accomplishment. No bearing will be given to his/her race, gender, nationality, religious or political views
• Nominees may not nominate themselves.
• If any of the members of the ABC Scientific Committee is nominated, he/she will excuse him/herself from all the nomination discussion, selection and approval.
• The final selection will be made by the ABC4 Scientific Committee.

Nominations should be submitted by 31 May 2017 to through a letter which should:

• Be limited to 1.000 words;
• Include a concise description of the candidate's accomplishments and a description of how this contribution has changed practice in the field of advanced breast cancer. The letter may include reference to publications.
• CV of nominated person

The recipient will receive an award certificate and will be invited to make a presentation during ABC4.